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Advertise at and expand your franchise business with qualified franchise prospects around the world has been helping entrepreneurs and franchisors connect with qualified franchise businesses since 2009., generates over 1.8 million visitors from across the world. Most of them being entrepreneurs between the age of 25 to 45. The top 10 countries generating franchise traffic are:

  • 1. India
  • 2. Canada
  • 3. USA
  • 4. South Africa
  • 5. UAE
  • 6. UK
  • 7. Australia
  • 8. Spain
  • 9. Singapore
  • 10. Thailand has helped literally hundreds of prospective franchisees find the right franchise opportunity for them. As well as providing you with the key contacts for your enquiry, we also outline in this section why we are number one choice for franchisee recruitment and for helping suppliers target the franchise industry.

Fill in the Franchisor Information Form and create a Forever Free Account with us, that entitles you to five free leads every month or IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SERIOUS FRANCHISEES, go for an upgraded plan that ensures high quality leads and after sales service.

Once we have received your Franchisor Information Form, we will send you our Franchise Media Plan for 2017.

Testimonials from Franchisors:

I don't usually write to advertising companies except maybe to complain about the quality of their leads. However, in the case of my experiences with ‘Business for Sale’, I feel it is my duty to write a few complimentary words of praise. People are very quick to complain when things are not going as expected, but much slower to praise when things are going well.

I would like to redress the balance here by saying how pleased I am with the quality and volume of leads your company generates. It is a breath of fresh air to speak to people who know who you are, and actually enquired seriously about the franchise advertised. I am very pleased I came across your site, and you have re-kindled my faith in web site advertisers. There really are good ones after all.

You can certainly count on me as a continual advertiser, and by the end of the year I expect to have signed up more franchisees and country ‘Master Distributors’ than I could possibly have hoped for. If you wish you may use this letter with my blessings as a true testimonial, as I will be only too delighted to direct potential advertisers to a site worth the investment. In fact as a franchise consult of 35 years in the industry, I have spoken to many new companies who will be contacting you very shortly to advertise their particular franchise brand. Thank you once again for your professional service, and I may be contacted by e-mail if any potential advertiser feels it necessary to do so.

Jeff Boxen | Managing Director | JB Franchise Consultants Ltd | England

The Business For Sale website has been a great asset for Franchise Marketing Systems. We get qualified leads from all over the world. We are very willing and able to recommend the site to all franchises in the USA and worldwide.

Alan George | VP, Sales and Business Development | Franchise Marketing Systems USA



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