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Brazzen On Your Ranch For Sale

Desha, Arkansas, United States

$ 30,000

(Inventory / Stock included)

Revenue: $ 100k to 250k

Cash Flow: $ 0 to 100k

Business Description

If you live in a Farming community I am sure this will interest you.

Read Tony's Story to find out about Brazzen's Opportunity in your area. (Tony is one of Brazzen's owners)
On my property I run about 100 head of cattle. It was difficult to get good animal handling equipment for my cattle and impossible to get it at a reasonable price. You know the equipment I am talking about, cattle panels, chutes, tubs, ramps, etc. It's only powder coated steel, why does it cost so much when it rusts so quick!!!

About 14 years ago I set up a steel factory in China. This came about when I had a very big order for temporary fencing around building sites. With this in mind I took off to China, my partner, Cameron, and I proceeded to set up a small factory to make temporary fencing. Just 8 Chinese guys cutting tube and welding. That leap of faith worked and the factory took off. Today we have branded our products under Brazzen and we have over 100 workers in our China factory producing our fencing and our Animal Handling equipment, they then are shipped by the containers all over the world.

But the best was a couple of years ago I decided to get my factory to make all the farming equipment and send a couple of containers to my property. I was going to give the Farm Shop guys in my area a run for their money, as we all knew they had been charging too much for years. You know I learnt from Australia, New Zealand and the UK how backward some of the equipment is in the USA. They use galvanized tube (Little Rust) and oval rail rather than round pipe and they make things to last.
The first thing I did after receiving my first two containers was book myself in the local field day. Gee, was that the right move. I think just from that show I got orders on the spot for over $60,000 and the knock on from it would have been another $100,000 in subsequent sales. Since then I have not looked back. In the last year i have brought in 2 containers a month, the local business Brazzen Rural Products. Brazzen Australia would see around 20 containers a month.

I don't have high overheads, I operate from my own land and it is not even close to any main road. My office is a container and I store all my smaller parts in another container. Ranchers are happy to come from everywhere to get value for their money and a better product.

I believe the best way to expand Brazzen is to get more people who want to do what I do in their area. So now we are looking for others who would like to do the same as I did.

If you are living in a Farming area, want something exciting to do, and would like to give the local Farm Stores a run for their money, please give us a call. Come to China and see our factory if you'd like.

We will point you in the right direction, what to order, how to advertise, and how to price your products in your market.

Never listen to those who say it can't be done, because they told me that too, but LOOK WHO IS LAUGHING NOW!

Kindly contact us for more details.

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$ 30,000

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Unlimited in your exclusive zone

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Your own

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