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They Laughed When I started Importing Out Of China Business - Looking For Partners Not For Sale

Utah, United States

$ 6,450

Revenue: $ 250k to 500k

Cash Flow: $ 1m to 5m

Business Description

We are expanding and looking for strategic importing partners through out the world, read my story below.

They Laughed when I said I wanted to do importing in China.

My name is Cameron Mitchell. 10 years ago my company sent me, from Australia, to China as a consultant to a Chinese company. I saw for myself just how cheap products in China were being manufactured. Something that you buy on the shelf in the USA or Australia for $50 was being made for $1-$2 in China. I realized I was missing a massive opportunity by working for someone else on a salary and making my boss rich rather than having my own business and building my own future.

So I started my own product sourcing company. I partnered with a local Chinese woman that spoke the language and understood the culture. She spent time finding the right factories, negotiating prices, organizing logistics and paying them. I looked after my side: meeting and finding clients, getting payments from them, ensuring product quality and so on. I also set up my own eBay shop to sell some of the products that I found on my own.

Friends, family and acquaintances said it was impossible to work in China because of the language and cultural difficulties. They laughed at me for giving up a secure high paying job to follow my dream of working for myself and owning my own business. They did not count on my determination and resilience. I was going to succeed no-matter-what! The more someone said it couldn’t be done, the more determined I became to prove them wrong.

My first order was for scrap-booking products and I made $7,000 profit from one order and I got many repeat orders from this client as well. My own products online started selling and creating excellent passive income. I made a small fortune selling kayaks online. Since those early days I have expanded into many diverse areas and I even have my own manufacturing facility that builds kayaks, Pizza Ovens and all kinds of Steel Fabricating products which we export around the world. I now have two offices in China with 20 staff and my own factory with over 100 workers. I also have an office in the USA with 4 staff. No we did over 25 Million in sales per year. We have really grown from a 2 person show to an international corporation.

Look who is laughing now!

As things grew I considered putting on salespeople to reach out to new businesses but I didn't have time to run a sales team especially with them being all over the world and me in China. Then my friend Tony approached me when we were out surfing one day. He knew that things were going great for me and he asked if he could buy in and become a partner. I said that if he put some money up front so he had some skin in the game and spent time with me I would teach him everything I knew about importing and selling to businesses. Then as he went out and got business I would split the profit with him 50/50. Instead of a salesperson Tony became my first partner. He now brings home 500k per year through the clients he has brought on. I decided it worked so well that I wanted to put on more partners and I have a dozen all around the world. However, I need more. This is where your opportunity comes in. I am offering you the same opportunity that Tony had almost a decade ago, to become a partner.

Our partners work primarily with businesses helping them to import products. Our partners meet with these businesses to offer our importing services. We look after the importing and China side of things and our partners look after the relationship side with the businesses and generating new orders. This will suit someone who wants a new career or a new business. In the past we have sold these for $15,000 which includes a trip to China for training. Right now we have a $6,480 Partnership option (without having to come to China). This means you can get started right now and upgrade to training in China at a later date if you want to. That's the cheapest we have ever offered partnerships before and we will only hold that price until we have what we are looking for. So contact me and become an importer today!

Kindly contact us for more details.

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Years Established:


Other Details

Business Location:

This business can be run from anywhere in the world. You can use our office and staff in China like your own. You can direct the staff how you like to make your business succeed.

Expansion Potential:

You can expand to many different countries and regions. This business is as promising as you are willing to make it. Many of our partners work throughout the USA, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand.

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