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Listing ID: 2567645

Growing Organic LawnCare Serving Arlington Mansfield 19756 For Sale

Tarrant, Texas, United States


(Furniture / Fixtures included)

Revenue: $ 356,598

Cash Flow: $ 58,058

Business Description

Business is a ~16-year-old well-established residential lawn and landscape maintenance business serving homeowners primarily located in the Arlington and Mansfield area. As families increasingly need two incomes, time for basic labor around the house is limited and homeowners are increasingly hiring companies to provide services. Mowing is the bread and butter but the add-ons and specialty services carry higher profitability. The business operates in the business niche of organic options for lawn care and 2017 ytd sales are up 50%+ over 2016. A valuable web domain is included with the sale. All services are offered and marketed as repeat, recurring work to provide year-round revenue and work for employee crews. Services include: mowing 34 times a year, flower installation semiannually, fertilizer 5 times per year, leaf cleanup 5 times per year, aeration once a year, top dressing once a year, mulching flower beds once a year, trimming shrubs 5 times per year. These services are offered as a la carte and levels of service change and progress as customers’ needs change and progress. Target customers are located in a tightly concentrated area and are typically able to spend $1,500-3,000 annually for their services. The business is growing; it has approximately 165 mowing accounts (up from 148 in 2016).
Arlington provides customers that are well established. Mansfield is growing and developing new lawn and landscape opportunities. Both Arlington and Mansfield have large neighborhoods of potential customers who can afford regular services, allowing the business to have dense mowing routes.
The founder started the business in 2001 as a home-based business. As the business grew, the owner expanded and added employees and equipment. The crews are professional and are a major asset of the company. The customers are happy with the service and committed to using the company. The owner feels that he can be replaced by a hard-working owner who is dedicated to the company.
The company has not advertised much in the last 3-4 years (averaging $~2,000/yr), other than signage on their trucks/trailers, between 2012 and October 2016. In late 2016, advertising was increased and phenomenal growth has occurred in 2017. The company receives repeat and referral business from customers.
While continuing to offer organic fertilization, a new, energetic owner can SIGNIFICANTLY increase sales & profits in many ways including, advertising, add services, offer disease/pest prevention/care services, pursue landscape jobs and offer irrigation (‘sprinkler’) service (requires a license). The business will benefit from a hands-on owner operator.
The asking price for the assets of the business is $140,000 ALL CASH or $170,000 with $85,000 down and $85,000 seller financing for 3 years at 6% interest with approximate monthly payments of $2,585.86 to a purchaser qualified/approved by the seller. The Seller prefers ALL-CASH. All financing is to be personally guaranteed. The assets include inventory at cost of $0.00, Accounts Receivables valued at $30,000 and FFEV (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Vehicles) valued at $75,000 and accounts receivables valued at $30,000. The price will be adjusted for actual work in process (WIP) and accounts receivables as of the sale date.

KEYWORDS: fertilizer fertilization pesticide mowing flower beds leaf cleanup leaves core aerator aeration top dressing mulching trimming shrubs gardening lawn mower treatment yard maintenance backyard landscaping cutting landscape designer sprinkler retaining wall drainage scotts fertilizer edging turf sod weed control Christmas lights spreader Bermuda st augustine grass

Property Details

Years Established:


Property Type:



$ 75,000

Other Details

Premise Details:

Operations and facilities will need to be relocated. Currently, facilities consist of approximately 1/3 of an acre and approximately 300 square feet of storage on site and approximately 150 square feet of office space. Parking is provided for trucks and several trailers. (Home Based)


The lawn care service industry is very competitive. There are many other companies competing in the local market, some of whom are regional or national companies. The owner feels that most competitors are smaller with 1 to 2 crews (2 to 6 employees). However, the Seller feels that the competition is unable to provide the same organic focus, small town company culture and reputable service that this business provides. Despite the presence of competitors, the business has continued to thrive and can significantly grow.

Expansion Potential:

The seller has used the great customer service, truck and trailer signage, word of mouth referrals and a website to build the business. The mowing service provides a strong repeat customer base to draw upon for more profitable add on services. A new, energetic owner can further increase sales & profits in many ways. 1) Continue maintaining the website and performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), 2) Minimal use of google Adwords, 3) Continue 10,000 door hangers twice per year (leaf cleanup door hanger in late November and mowing door hanger in March) targeting neighborhoods that the business currently serves, 4) Continue placing yard signs in all customers’ yards during leaf season, 5) Continue sending postcards and emails to current and previous customers to spotlight leaf cleanup, mulch, aeration/topdressing, and annual color (eg flowers), 6) Consider expanding services such as fence building, decks, patios, flower beds, Christmas light installation, sprinkler install, tree trimming, pooper scooping service, pool cleaning etc., 7) Expand into adjacent cities, 8) Consider an integrated pest management approach

Operation Details



Support & Training:

Seller will train buyer for 2 weeks included with the purchase price. Seller is willing to provide additional training at mutually agreeable fixed compensation to assist with general management functions for a finite period.


Business Relocatable


Financing Available:

Price $140,000 ALL-CASH or $170k with $85K down & $85k seller-financing

Reason For Selling:

Would like to pursue other business ventures and move closer to family.

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