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Listing ID: 2976244

The Largest International Affiliate Network For Sale

United States

$ 600,000

Revenue: $ 100k to 250k

Cash Flow: $ 500k to 1m

Business Description

1. Executive Summary

The largest international affiliate network that connects thousands of advertisers (advertising offers)and tens of thousands of publishers around the world.
Advertising models: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS, CPE, revenue share.
Start: May 2016
GEOs: All
Proprietary platform. Unique design. Project servers capacity allows you to support a large number of conversions, sales, clicks and impressions.
Smart architecture helps you to easily scale up the project to new servers and  withstand the overload.

2. Highlights
The strengths of the project are:

- The unique affiliate program helps to receive conversions, sales, leads for thousands advertisers around the world.
- A huge number of advertising sites, apps and other traffic sources in the system.
- A full toolkit to check publishers traffic quality. Screening and monitoring of fraudulent schemes and actions at the client side that lead to deception and
cheating of advertisers.
-Opportunity to support the project from any place in the world via Internet.
-Work on your own platform, there are no additional costs for the platform owner there.
- Opportunity to set up your margin on advertising offers.
- Doesn't require constant monitoring by the owner. Depending on the sales volume it takes only 1-3 hours per day to manage business.
- Opportunity to work with any targeted actions for advertisers.
- Platform protection from hacking.
- Service works 24/7.
- Low requirements for the servers infrastructure, that allow to scale up and migrate the project with minimal expenses. 


-Adding advertisers from different countries, expanding sales GEOs
-Adding publishers advertising sites.
-Increasing amount of advertising offers each year due to the expanding of Internet advertising market, the share of mobile advertising increases every year, new formats and advertising types, new advertising platforms, sites, apps and other traffic sources are constantly appearing.
-Conducting of motivational promotions in order to increase the number of new publishers and the flow of targeted traffic from them.

3. Operations

For the full-time work of the project 3 employees are enough:  an advertisers manager, a publishers manager and a programmer.
Employees responsibilities:

Advertisers manager (6-8 hour working day. Remote work is possible):
-Communication with advertisers. 10-50 messages via skype and e-mail per day. Up to 10 calls per day. It takes from 1 to 4 hours a day.
-Searching for new advertisers in thematic resources.
-Adding new advertisers to the platform. It takes from 5 minutes up to 2 hours.
-Billing advertisers 2 times a month. 4-8 hours per month

Publishers manager (6-8 hour working day. Remote work is possible)
- Communication with publishers. 10-50 messages via skype and e-mail per day. Up to 10 calls per day. It takes from 1 to 4 hours a day.
- Traffic sources moderating. It takes from 1 to 4 hours a day.
- Forums monitoring and chatting with clients in the thematic sections daily.
- Newsletter e-mailing about system updates, advertising offers and promotions – once a week. It takes an hour per week.
- News posting in the news feed at the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram channels. Maintaining company sections and topics at the forums. It takes an hour per week.

Programmer (4-8 hour working day. Remote work is possible)
- Platform scripts support (1-2 hours per day)
- Solving issues of technical support for advertisers and publishers (1-5 hours per day).

4. Customers

Attracting customers:

Targeted audience of affiliate advertisers:
The largest companies from around the world in the sphere of Internet marketing: e-commerce, financial organizations, popular brands of closing, food, delivery, services, dating sites, mobile subscriptions to paid and free content, casinos, sports betting, cryptocurrency projects, marketplaces , brokers, goods offers and many other types of promotional offers.   
Now more than 1400 of various offers are integrated.

Searching for new advertisers takes place at the specialized directories in this area: ( ( ( ( (

Via contacts ( ( (
etc. Targeted audience of publishers:
The largest specialized forums: ( ( (
Catalogs: ( ( ( ( (

Our company stands at high search positions in various thematic catalogs: ( ( ( ( are the official groups in facebook, linkedin, twitter and accounts in many specialized forums.

5. Financials

Company profit table — SCREEN
The turnover for the current year is indicated in screenshot till the beginning of November, and the profit till the end of September - beginning of October. That’s because we get money with 30-60 days hold. This is the specifics of this business.
Profit is formed from turnover confirmed by advertisers. You always have an opportunity to increase the number of confirmed conversions through communication with advertisers.
You can also change your share and increase profit up to 50% or more of the turnover. Current margins have not been changed specialy to attract by high rates a large number of publishers.
The turnover from the project start at May 2016 to December 2016 is $277000.
The turnover for 2017 is $771000
The turnover from January 2018 to the beginning of November 2018 is $527000.The average monthly profit is $20000. The cost of supporting the project is $ 2600 per month (the salary of 2 managers and 1 programmer is $1500 and the rent of the servers is $1100)

Seller Notes

Technical documentation is attached to the project so that a new team does not have any difficulties with configuration and support.
This affiliate network is sold out together with all existing assets.
List of company assets:
- domains;
- paid until the middle of the next month servers ($ 1100 per month);
- official channels in social networks, forums, directories;
- the base of more than 26000 publishers;
- the base of more than 1500 offers.

Please contact us for more details.

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